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Think reliable, data-driven revenue growth. 
Think RevOps.

Unlock your data-powered growth opportunities by building and executing on a solid data journey plan 

Companies scaling smarter with Think RevOps

Maintaining good data quality is critical for your success with Salesforce. If not addressed on time, it could become overwhelming.


This is reflected in a recent survey with over 800 respondents, where more than half of them believe that up to 80% of Salesforce data is not reliable. The main reasons for the lack of reliability are often - duplicate records, errors, and outdated information. Good quality data is behind complete customer profiles that will help you understand and know your customers. Complete customer profiles are only one of the use cases for a sound data journeys.

Every company needs a north star to navigate its data journey and a journey starts with a map. Today, data, knowledge and insights not only give a competitive advantage for superb decision making, but also help rationalise business processes and uncover new revenue streams.

Companies need to be intentional about the use of data and have a strategy to ensure it is governed, managed and leveraged for the benefit of the organisation and its customers. The data journey needs to align with both the business and IT strategies to enable and accelerate its success and to consider current and future investments.

At ThinkRevOps, we see data as being the key to the business’ success. We support our clients in setting out a solid data journey in three ways - by taking a client from zero to one in data awareness, by co-creating the journey based on a point in time assessment and steering, or by assisting with journey activation and implementation initiatives. We apply our combined experience of delivering transformational RevOps and Data Strategy projects, in uncovering the data value from across the customer journey - holistically working with the senior leadership in building out the why, how, what and when of strategic change.

Data Journey - Zero to One

Why do you need to care about data management? Does your data become overwhelming?

It's time to get up to speed on data management. Understand what you can do to bring upTo leverage data for business growth, you need to start building the foundations of data management early on.

Data Journey - Co-creation

Where is your business going? What do you want to achieve with your Salesforce data and how do you piece it together with your other data sources?


We can help you build your data journey map that would keep you aligned to your north star.

Data Journey - Activation

You've got a vision for your data, but where do you start? How do you prioritise data initiatives? What capabilities do you need?

We can help you with getting started and support you throughout your data journey.

Our Triple A Data Journey Framework


Through our curated data assessment, you'd be able to uncover where do you stand against other peers.  You will answer questions like why do you need certain type of data, who is accessing your data, how do you store your data, are you protecting it? Understanding your data landscape through deep-dive discussions would allow you to shed light your data landscape and plan for future data investments and developments.


To be able to scale your data efforts, we'd look at how you automate your data processes. Are you automating data streams? You are having multiple data sources, but are you confident in your multi​-platform data architecture? How's your data flowing from one platform to another?


​To activate your data journey you need to establish communication channels and share data and insights within your company. How can you use data to trigger automated actions like pushing content, SMS or emails? Activating your data journey will further help you leverage data to accelerate your digital transformation.

"We are now much more agile, and can make future decisions quicker and more confidently. For the first time in the last four years there is alignment across the leadership team on the actual value of our white space."

Group Finance Director, Triptease

"Think RevOps has made a massive impact on the growth of Forecast. They dissected our processes and evolve them to make the revenue engine what it is today - an efficient machine. I don't know what I would've done without them!"

Rob Massa, Chief Revenue Officer

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