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We help to create data-driven customer journeys that boost revenue growth

Think RevOps Accelerator is a unique operating model with a mix of proprietary knowledge, expertise and delivery framework; specifically for the B2B customer journey. It works to transform and create data-driven tech companies.

Our operating model works to guide you in implementing best practice to drive acquisition, facilitate conversation and enable customer growth. 


We do what we do best, so you can focus on revenue. 

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What We Believe

People are the backbone of every business. Whether the team or their customers. This is the heart of every project

Vision drives our actions of now and our contribution to the future. This is a key tool in reimagining and creating solutions

Knowledge is what we continually strive for. We ever stop learning so we can get you the best results

Impact is paramount. We strive to make working better and more streamlined for  our customers. We aim to make a difference where we can. 

"We are now leveraging deeper sales performance insights at a macro and micro level across the team to drive improved sales activity and behaviour to greater success."

Oliver Durham-Winch, Global Head of Sales at Coyote

Catherine Mandungu

Founder & CEO

Catherine is focused on helping B2B Tech businesses excel in the age of digital transformation and ill-fitting tech stacks. With over 12 years experience in the RevOps space, Catherine is dedicated to demystifying data-led business strategies and revenue growth practises. 


By empowering business to create the most impact in their customer journeys, Catherine has positioned Think RevOps as a service focused on people first. The main objective is to make the lives of B2B Go-to-Market teams, easier where possible. This in turn means that work is streamlined and teams can thrive. Think RevOps believes its success is only as valuable as the happiness of its customers. 

Our Core Values

Honesty & Trust

We work to foster relations based on trust with our clients and partners. Transparency, accountability and reliability are our core tenets.


Strong partnerships with our clients are important at Think RevOps. We build bonds based on respect, care, honesty and mutual support. Working with us is an investment in your business and our relationship.

Client Success

Our clients’ success is ours. To ensure that we help clients achieve the extraordinary, we are committed to delivering value. Our work should always be a stepping stone to clients being able to take direct action towards bettering their business.


Innovation is in the company DNA. We are committed to continually learning and researching more ways to ensure our clients success and our expertise. The more we know, the better our clients achieve. And we never stop researching. 

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Make an Impact to your Revenue Growth


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