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Globally, the commercial real estate industry is plagued with ongoing challenges. But Coyote, the 2018 EG Tech Award winners, and part of the RICS Tech Affiliate Program, are thriving. 


As well as collaborating with other PropTech companies to evolve the business into the market-leading product it is today, Coyote has been built by property professionals who understand the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the industry, and who drive a ‘real estate first’ mentality. The breadth of experience in the group has enabled it to develop and push Coyote towards the most elegant Revops solution – one that solves the genuine needs of their clients.

We speak to Oliver Durham-Winch, the Global Head of Sales at Coyote, who is front and centre in solving challenges for asset managers, property managers and investment managers. See below his take on keeping teams connected, the importance of transparency, process alignment, and using all the available data, with help from the TRO Transform Plan,

Oliver Durham-Winch

Global Head of Sales

Disconnectedness and Lack of Transparency

One of the main challenges at Coyote was aligning the Go-To-Market teams. Difficulties were due to: (1) Not having a closely aligned Objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and (2) Their disjointed technology stack.


"Different departments in the business were using different systems to understand the customer360 view of the customer," explains Oliver. This had meant that the teams were working in silos; information was not being digested in the same way, creating constant mis-communication; a lot of manual work to do in hand-overs since the teams weren't working in the same systems; and huge gaps in insights in the customer journey. Opportunities were being missed. 


On the sales side it was very difficult to truly understand performance of individuals, or forecast against plans. It was difficult to know what the risks and probability were around deals, and to use next steps to drive pipeline."


Coyote was finding it almost impossible to understand the level of activities and productivity of their team, leaving a blind spot in knowing whether their sales process was right for their customer journey.

There were very little to no real insights to understand drivers of success or failures." 


Being Better Equipped to Move into the Future

Think RevOps first implemented an Objective Key Results (OKRs) framework to align all go-to-market teams, as well as the wider business. Before data, process and technology stack, frameworks need to be about the companies' objectives and strategic direction.


''Before Think RevOps we didn’t even think about alignment of our overarching and departmental objectives. Think RevOps educated us on the concept of OKRs and helped us imbed this into the rhythm of the business. We now live and breathe OKRs,'' says Oliver. 


For the first time, the Go-To-Market teams are truly aligned. We are able to really work together and deliver against plan. It has really enabled the business to work in the same way and be consistent." 


Think RevOps designed Coyote's customer journey and business blueprint, which informed the right data strategy and the business' internal processes. Finally, a Salesforce.com implementation and its integration with other tools such as HubSpot and Product board were put in place.


Simply having the ability to surface data that we are capturing so we can answer ad-hoc questions on a day-to-day basis was huge for us. We can easily assess coverage of our accounts and contacts, productivity of the team, as well as measure acquisition and customer conversion." 



Now, with the way Think RevOps have set up their entire technology stack, Coyote has transparency and can be confident in their numbers. In addition, this implementation has provided Coyote with the ability to have data at their fingertips. Collaboration in the customer journey between sales and on-boarding teams are now done in the Salesforce.com ecosystem, as opposed to using different manual tools/forms in order to get information to their teams. Their data is now gathered and shared at the press of a button.


After Think RevOps having transformed our digital landscape, we reduced the amount of time it took us to unpick data. Before we could easily spend 3-4 hours trying to make sense of it and still not get the insight we needed. Now within a few minutes we can get a view of metrics such as pipeline conversion rate (PCR), velocity, win rates and sales cycles, and how these are affecting our pipeline health and forecast." 

Partnering with Think RevOps

Coyote chose the TRO Transform Plan, as it matched their initial need to focus a custom project around a customer journey design and digital transformation. We asked Oliver, how it was to work with Think RevOps.


It has been a phenomenal partnership and a breath of fresh air. Would have never been able to do this on our own. Think RevOps was able to be strategic in their approach as well operational and technical which was exactly what we needed."

Think RevOps helped Coyote take a step back from day-to-day information gathering, and become more strategic. And, now that Coyote has chosen the TRO Insource Plan, they can keep receiving on-going support. Think RevOps partners with Coyote and is adding value to drive the business forward. 


Important changes we have made today in the business came from our partnership with Think RevOps. Working with Think RevOps we are able to rely on their expertise so that we can focus on what we do well and drive growth further."  


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